Vulnerable Valleys

JRC Installs Ice and Water Shield on Every Roof in the Valleys and Around Penetrations. Ice and Water Shield is Wider than Rolled Valley Metal, and Adheres to the Decking While Sealing Around Nails, Thus Superior To Standard Metal Valley Protection.

Improper ventilation will automatically void your shingle warranty.

JRC Provides a Free Attic Ventilation Consultation on Every Roof.

Benefits of attic ventilation are often misunderstood.

Well balanced airflow can lower your utility payments, extend the life of your shingles, decking, paint, and sheetrock. It is the best way to eliminate attic mold growth, protecting the air quality in your home. Many times we are able to provide an attractive, passive system, balanced with eave (intake) and Ridge (exhaust) vents without electricity or exposed fans.

JRC will Calculate the Amount of Ventilation Needed Based on The Square Footage of Your Attic Space Using FHA Guidelines for Minimum Ventilation Requirements. Proper Ventilation Requires Intake (under eave) and Exhaust (ridge) Vents. Our Recommendation Ensures That Your Shingle Warranty is Valid, and That Your Attic is as Healthy as Possible.

We Have Solutions For Homes With No Soffits, and No or Very Little Ridge.

For More Information Click Here: Principles Of Attic Ventilation

Don’t Get Nailed, By Improper Installation.


Did You Know That Your Shingle’s Wind Warranty is Determined by The Amount of Nails Used Per Shingle?  In Fact, if Nails are Improperly Driven, Placed Incorrectly, Or the Wrong Size, Your Shingles Have No Wind Warranty. At JRC we Take Nailing Seriously, and Install Using the Manufacturers Guidelines.

Care for Your Property.

While Roofing is a Messy Proposition, it Does Not Need to be Destructive to Your Home.

We Will Never Drive on, Park, or Deliver Materials on Your Lawn. Sensitive Landscaping Will Be Protected, and We Will Diligently Clean Your Property When Complete. Rolling Magnets Help Collect Nails, Dump Trailers Gather Trash, and We Will Clean Out Existing Gutters. If you are Concerned About Anything In Particular Please Tell us and We Will be Happy to Make Special Arrangements.

While a roofing project can be a hassle for homeowners, we work diligently to negate the negatives associated with roofing. Honest, up front personnel, daily and post job clean up, and protection for your home and landscape. We are fully licensed/insured, an A rated company with the BBB, and a Service Magic Approved company. We install only the highest rated materials, including Certainteed, Owens Corning, and GAF. We are a preferred installer with Owens Corning and offer the best warranties in the business.


A Roof Can Comprise up to 60% of the Exterior of Your Home. We Take Pride in Making Your Home Look Great. Color and Product Consultations are Part of the Service,

Color Matched Drip Edge, and Flashings with Painted Penetrations Give Your Roof a Consistent Style.